What Are the Ages of the Encanto Characters?

encanto characters ages

Disney Animation Studios released a new film called Encanto on 24 November 2021. The film features a family of magical characters and will teach kids superpowers through fantasy. Here, you will learn about the ages of the Encanto characters: Dolores, Isabella, Julieta, and Abuelo. Let’s have a look at some of their personalities. Which ones would you like to become encanto characters ages.


In Isabella encanto, the protagonist, Mirabel, has the power to instantly grow plants. She uses her gift to make life better for everyone in the town. Her cousin Dolores, who is younger than Isabela, is in love with Mariano. She is also engaged to him, but does not want to be married. Dolores has extraordinary hearing and is always aware when Bruno is nearby. She confides in Isabela that she loves him and tries to keep his presence secret.

In Encanto, Isabella is the senior sister of Mirabel, a young woman with magical powers. He has always felt the need to be proper, even if she is not. It is the brightest youngster in Encanto, and her siblings call her senorita perfect. She is incredibly generous despite not being well-known. But the real Isabella is only 21 years old when the story begins, and her powers are hidden from others.


One of the most popular questions about the movie Encanto was, “What are the characters’ ages?” The film was a box office hit when it was released in October 2015. With the help of VFX, the film looks realistic and features a wide variety of characters. Among these characters are women, young children, and even older adults. The cast of Encanto includes 13 people.

Dolores’s family includes her older sister Isabella, her younger sister Dolores, and her parents, Pepa and Felix. She is twenty-one years old, only a few months older than Isabella. She has superhuman hearing, but is quieter and more reserved than Isabella. The difference in their ages causes Dolores to be pushed into living in the shadow of her younger sister, Isabella. Despite the age gap, however, Dolores tries to make up for it by pursuing her happiness.


One of the key characters in the Disney animation film Encanto is Julieta Madrigal. She is a mother of three and serves as a kind and nurturing role model for the town. Her three daughters, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, were raised by Julieta and her husband Agustin. As a caring caretaker, Julieta has the magical power of cooking food that will cure sickness.

The movie follows the life of two sisters who are all very different in age and height. The youngest sister, Mirabel, is only 15 years old, and she is the shortest of the three. While she lacks the magical ability that her older sisters have, she is full of love and courage and is the most loyal to her family. Agustin’s age in the film is unclear, but director Jared Bush tweeted that he is younger than his wife.


During the beginning of the film, Antonio Madrigal is only five years old. His ceremony is the focus of the first half, since Mirabel’s ceremony revealed the power twist at the beginning of the film. Antonio must impress his family and prove his worth, and to do so, he is given the special gift of talking to animals. He uses this gift to discover the secrets of the Madrigal family.

Considering the magical abilities and gifts that Encanto characters possess, it is hard to guess their ages. While the debate about characters’ ages is getting heated online, the general consensus is that everyone under the age of 25 is a good age for these characters. Most Encanto fans are satisfied with the ages of the growing characters. This is especially true of the characters in Encanto.

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