Herobox. Site – Is it Worth the Hype?

Herobox. Site

Is Herobox. Site worth the hype? This non-profit organization supports American Heroes in the armed forces. It manages sponsorships between generous individuals/organizations and deployed American soldiers. They also offer monthly prizes, but there are some serious concerns about the organization’s transparency. Listed below are my concerns about this nonprofit organization. First, it lacks transparency. It is also lacking in information about its sponsorships. I have a few suggestions to make the site more transparent.

HeroBox is a non-profit organization supporting all American Heroes in the United States Armed Forces

If you’ve been thinking about sending a care package to an American soldier, consider HeroBox. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization matches troops’ wish lists with donors to provide them with custom care packages. Donors purchase and send shoeboxes filled with items requested by soldiers. HeroBox also manages sponsorships between organizations and generous individuals.

Through the HeroBox program, you can give a gift for any hero or soldier in the armed forces, or simply support the organization’s mission to help soldiers overseas. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations to Herobox are tax-deductible. In addition, you can submit data and edit your profile, so you can see which soldiers and heroes are most appreciated.

It manages sponsorships between generous individuals/organizations and deployed American soldiers

Herobox is a non-profit organization that manages sponsorships between generous individuals/organization and deployed American soldiers. The organization sends care packages and letters of gratitude to deployed American soldiers. It has partnered with The Home Depot Foundation to send 2,000 care packages to our nation’s heroes. In addition to care packages, Herobox also sends letters of gratitude to service members and their families.

Herobox works with the United States Army to manage sponsorships between generous individuals/organizations and the men and women in uniform. The money raised goes to provide essential items to soldiers, allowing them to return home more refreshed and happier. A typical barracks room contains only the essentials: toiletries and linens. Fortunately, the service and the public are both generous enough to donate these items to deployed American soldiers.

It provides monthly prizes

The HeroBox program is a great way to help out the troops while supporting a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Each box contains six to eight comics with a retail value of at least $30 each. Subscribing to the HeroBox program also means you get an extra comic every month. You can also view the monthly prize offerings by visiting the HeroBox website. It’s a cool program and the staff deserves a lot of credit.

It lacks transparency

A review of the Herobox website reveals a few serious problems. Although it displays the IRS Form 990, there are no governing documents or accountability measures. The website also fails to include basic financial statements, conflict of interest policy, or policies and procedures. Furthermore, it lacks an independent audit. Several other important aspects of a nonprofit organization should be readily available for public scrutiny. Here are a few of them:

It is not registered as a charitable organization with the [SOS]

While the SOS has not yet approved HeroBox, it does have a number of requirements for charitable organizations, including being publicly transparent. One of these requirements is that the charity must register as a nonprofit and submit audited financial statements. In the case of HeroBox, this will not be available until 2020. This means that the nonprofit has not registered with the SOS yet, but it is already a year behind schedule.

According to the website of HeroBox, the organization’s mission is to provide assistance to American heroes. But it has failed to register as a nonprofit in Pennsylvania, where its solicitations are regulated by the law. Moreover, HeroBox’s outside fundraiser miscommunicated the regulations regarding solicitation. Further, the company’s executive directors admit that the charity’s registrations are incomplete. However, the company has not filed Form 990 in more than 40 states.

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