Cartnear Reviews – Is Cartnear Legitimate?

Cartnear Reviews

While you might be interested in learning about this service’s features, you should read the Cartnear Reviews first. The site is only four months and five days old, so it’s unlikely to be trustworthy. Its TrustScore is only 11%, and its spam and phishing scores are 10 and 26 respectively. While the Cartnear Website does not look suspicious on the surface, it could be compromised and potentially steal your payment credentials.

Website’s life expectancy is less than six months

As a prospective customer, you might be interested to learn about the Cartnear Reviews. However, there are some points you should consider before signing up with this website. In particular, you should pay attention to the security and legality of its purchasing station. Although the Cartnear website has been operational for more than a year, it only has a trust level of 11%. It also has no Alexa ranking, and the website’s content is mostly copied from other websites.

Cartnear’s TrustScore is just 11%

If you’re wondering how to avoid scams, you’ve come to the right place. CartNear has a TrustScore of just 11%, despite only being five days and four months old. It’s based in Taxes, United States, and transmits data over a secure HTTPS connection. However, you shouldn’t trust this website with your payment details. It’s likely to contain malware, threats, and malevolent scripts.

Cartnear’s spam score is 10/100

CartNear has received a bad phishing rating. This website may gain access to your payment credentials. CartNear has scored 26/100 for malware, which is bad because phishing websites often install tiny applications that can access your personal information. CartNear also scores 2/10 for spamming. Moreover, the site doesn’t have a social media link or a YouTube page. Only three people follow it on social media.

A spam site is typically not high-quality. This is because it contains a lot of spam words. High-quality websites also have favicons, which are small icons you can see at the top of your browser tab. Spam sites usually don’t use favicons. This is a sign that the site may have a high spam score, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one.

Cartnear’s Phishing score is 26/100

When we tested Cartnear’s Phishing profile, we found it to be a dangerous site. We suspect CartNear of having malicious scripts or threats that may access your personal and financial information. It may also download junk e-mails or install small applications that can access these details. The CartNear site doesn’t have an Instagram link or a YouTube channel, and has only three supporters on social media. We also suspect that this website has been used to spread malware and scams.

Despite its poor phishing score, CartNear has a very short lifespan of only four months and five days. It shuts down on July 19, 2023. The website has a low reliability score of 11/100, depending on your location. Additionally, it relies on US charges. It also uses a secure HTTPS association to protect your information. CartNear is rated 8/100 for suspicious profiles. We’ve discovered that this website may have harmful scripts and install fake software onto your PC. Its Twitter profile also shows no YouTube link and has only three followers.

FAQ About Cartnear Reviews

  • Buy products at:
  • E-mail address: [email protected].
  • Address: 20733 US HighWay, 281 South San Antonio, TX-78264
  • Contact details: +1(830)443-2004
  • Social media links: Provided
  • Shipping: 5 to 7 days
  • Delivery policy: 5 to 7 days
  • Refund Policy: A timeline for a refund is not provided.
  • Payment mode: in USD via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Net banking and BTs

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