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Bigger Roofing Reviews

Bigger Roofing Reviews : We are examining the quality of work done by Bigger Roofing and the alleged price gouging of Joshua Bigger. We also looked at Bigger’s social media presence. If you’re interested in getting your roofing project done by a Bigger roofing contractor, read on to learn more about this company. You may also be interested in knowing whether Joshua Bigger has a positive reputation. And, in case you’re wondering, we have a few Bigger Roofing Reviews available.

Review of Bigger Roofing

If you’re considering a roofing contractor in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, read this Bigger Roofing Niagara Review to get the scoop on this contractor. With its large affiliations, Bigger Roofing is a well-known name in the industry. The website was registered on 13 August 2013 and currently has a domain authority of 10523911. While there’s no website traffic information available yet, there are valid HTTPS protocols detected on the website and a social media page.

Joshua Bigger began roofing at age 12 and later started working for a local company. His dream was to run his own business and eventually opened his own waterproofing company in the Niagara region. He kept on roofing on the side and observed that many roofing companies fall short on many levels. This is why he established Bigger Roofing, with the goal of providing quality workmanship and a great working environment. Bigger Roofing is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau and offers free estimates.

Price gouging by Joshua Bigger

A Niagara-region roofer has admitted to price gouging customers, and did so based on perceived political affiliations. Although his methods are highly questionable, the price gouging video has gained a large following among a right-wing audience. Indeed, the Niagara-based company has an active presence on anti-mandate social media sites. A company representative has tried to convince me that the video is pure satire, but I am still skeptical.

To prevent price gouging, some states have adopted price-gouging laws and ratcheted up reporting mechanisms. For example, California’s Attorney General has issued a consumer alert about price gouging, and residents of the Golden State can report violations online or by calling his office. Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has enacted legislation aimed at new entrants that would prevent price gouging. Under the law, price increases cannot exceed 10% of the market price.

Social media presence

Social media is an increasingly important part of roofing business and contractors should ramp up their social media presence. Customers do not only use social media to chat and meet people, but they also use it to do research. Most consumers make a decision on a company’s reputation by scouring their social media profiles. Even property owners are using social media to research brands and make decisions. By creating engaging content, roofing contractors can stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

Social media is increasingly used by people looking for roofing services. Younger home owners are turning to sites like Instagram and TikTok to conduct research. With so many options for social media marketing, it is critical that roofers leverage these platforms to build a better brand presence. And don’t forget to include your own reviews! These will allow customers to make more informed decisions. In the case of roofers, social media is a great place to display customer reviews.

Trust score

You should check Bigger Roofing’s reputation on HomeStars. The company has a high trust score, with an 86 percent rating. The website of the company has many testimonials, and there are social media pages for the company. However, you should always check a contractor’s background before hiring them. To get an idea of their reputation, read the following review. You will see the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


Trust Score of Website – 86%

Connection to the Social Media – Instagram and TikTok

Doubtful Policy Content – Not Available

Category – General, Reviews

Return policy – 15Days

Expiration Date – Not Available

Contact Number –Not Available

Email Address – Not Available

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