Beersme Reviews – Is Beersme a Good Place to Buy Handmade Wooden Boxes?

Beersme Reviews

Is Beersme really a good place to buy handmade wooden boxes? This online store offers DIY wooden boxes and worldwide shipping. However, there are no customer reviews available. In this article, I will provide you with an overview of the main features of Beersme, as well as the positive and negative points of this online store. To make your buying decision easier, we have compiled some reviews that are sure to help you decide if it’s the right place to buy handmade wooden boxes.

Beersme is a new online store

This website offers wooden boxes that you can assemble yourself. You can return the products if you are not satisfied with the quality within a given time period. The domain registration expires on May 27, 2022. According to Alexa, the website has a trust rank of 42.2%. There are limited customer testimonials and the website’s content is a little imitated. Although it claims to be a new online store, the website doesn’t have much content and does not mention any social media connections.

Although the website offers unique and attractive products, it has very low Alexa traffic and no social media accounts. Trust Pilot found no customer reviews for the store. Its advertising policy does not mention anything about refunds or cancellation policies. This makes it difficult to judge whether the site is legit. However, it is worth checking out for the attractive prices and interesting designs. Just make sure you read the fine print before making a purchase.

It offers DIY wooden boxes

If you are planning to buy DIY wooden boxes, the website Beersme is worth checking out. The DIY wooden boxes offered by Beersme come with a money back guarantee, and the site uses a secured mail server. HTTPS ensures the privacy of personal information, and it also provides worldwide shipping. Though there are a limited number of items available for sale on Beersme, there is still a chance that you will find one that is ideal for your needs.

Beersme presents itself as a creative company that creates original designs. Whether you want to commemorate a birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding, you can find a unique box with your preferred design from Beersme. You can even choose to order a DIY wooden box for a night party or a baby shower. You can browse through the website to find out what customers have to say about the boxes.

It offers worldwide shipping

Beersme is a unique retailer that features an innovative design for its wooden playing card containers. The site offers a large range of shapes and designs, so you can pick a container that fits the theme of your wedding ceremony. The website ships worldwide, but there are no customer reviews. The company also lacks a social media presence, and there is no refund or cancellation policy. As a result, we have no idea if it is trustworthy or not.

If you have a large budget, you can buy some wooden boxes from Beersme, which can be customized to suit your own preferences. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within a period of time. The website has a secured HTTPS connection and certified mail server. All products are backed by a 5-star review on a state website. In addition to this, Beersme is a legit company that sells quality products.

It has no customer reviews

Although Beersme has a good design and attractive prices, there are several red flags to keep in mind before ordering from them. While they do not have a cancellation policy, you can still expect to receive your order within seven to fifteen business days. The website does not provide social media accounts or a customer feedback form. It is also not clear if Beersme offers a refund policy. In addition, the store has a low Alexa rank and no customer reviews. There are also no social media profiles, so it’s hard to tell whether this website is legitimate or not.

There are few factors that raise red flags for Beersme. Its site is not easy to navigate and lacks customer reviews. Its 42.2% trust rank is low, and its address does not appear to be original. Its website also lacks the owner’s information. The site does not offer any discounts and does not mention its social media connections. As a result, we cannot fully trust the website.

It is a PayPal scam

There are a few things you should look for before deciding to use Beersme as a payment method. Its website has very few Alexa ranks, no social reviews, and no product delivery guarantee. Its legitimacy is questionable, and the site does not offer a guarantee or a refund policy. Experts recommend that you check several authenticity parameters, including the domain’s creation date, which is May 27, 2021.

The beersme website itself does not even exist anymore, although there are similar products on Audryyo. When the PayPal transaction is disputed, fake tracking numbers are sent. The website also gives a fake address, phone number, and tracking manifest that contains the information of other people. In short, beware of beersme. This is a PayPal scam. However, you can find a good alternative by using the PayPal website.

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