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The Dr Ardis Show Reviews

The Dr Ardis Show Reviews : It is difficult to find customer reviews of The Dr. Ardis Show because the website is poorly constructed and there is no way to get in touch with the company. Subscriptions are refundable within sixty days if payment is not made in full. You can also exchange the product within forty days if it is defective. However, contact details are not readily available. The website layout is difficult to navigate, and it lacks important information such as shipping and order cancellation.

Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor

Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor and former U.S. champion in chiropractic sports. He specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and pain. Although he is not a licensed medical doctor, he has years of experience in the field. Chiropractors treat illnesses of the spinal column, neck and back. Ardis has founded Ardis Labs and is a co-founder of TruLabs LLC.

He is a nutritionist

Dr. Ardis is a nutritional health expert who interviews Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Rodney Brooks, and Vira Brooks. They discuss the parallels between Africa and the United States, and how choice privilege can cause disease. She is also interviewed by Producer Liz. Dr. Ardis and guest Dr. Palevsky discuss their respective experiences with nutrition and disease. They discuss the importance of healthy food and exercise for overall wellness.

He is a social/scientific/medical researcher

Dr. Ardis is a retired chiropractor who is now a social researcher. While he is not an allopathic medical doctor, he does not give medical advice and documents his research. His goal is to bring awareness to the public about the complexities of our society and how we can all play a part in resolving the world’s problems. During this interview, Dr. Ardis discusses how our current economic climate has affected the lives of African American communities.

He is a fraud

A Texas-based former chiropractor, Dr. Bryan Ardis, has been accused of misleading the public. A video circulates on the internet featuring him falsely claiming that remdesivir caused the deaths of Covid-19 patients. This video has spawned conspiracy theories and spread through social media. Despite the evidence that the video is fake, many people are still confused about Dr. Ardis’s motives.

One such promoter has been suspended from Twitter. Gold has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter. Another prominent promoter of fake information is former Trump strategist Steve Bannon. In addition, the doctors who promote such false information have regular appearances on conservative talk shows and cable networks. The bottom line is that Dr. Ardis is a scam. Do not believe him! Do your own research and beware of false information.

He is a misrepresentation

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely wondering whether Dr. Bryan Ardis’s claims about COVID are true or not. In this article, I’ll provide some facts that you should know before deciding whether or not Dr. Ardis is a misrepresentation of reality. First of all, Dr. Ardis has never prescribed Remdesivir or treated a COVID patient in a hospital. He’s never treated a COVID patient with Ivermectin. He is a fraud. His medical background has nothing to do with treating COVID. Furthermore, he has no credentials to treat COVID. And if he was, he’d probably cry and call a physician to see what he is doing.

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