Selaluz Candles Review – Do They Really Work?

Selaluzcandles com Reviews

You’ve probably heard about the Selaluz candle, the Mala the Brand’s Cereal Candle, or even Keap candles. However, you may be wondering: do these products really work? This article will provide you with some information about them. Let’s begin with the Selaluz Seven, which contains a full spectrum of chakra colors. It also comes with a 3-card tarot spread and a guided reading.

Flaws of Selaluz Candle

Selaluz Candles have great reviews. However, most people lack the confidence to create their own candles. That’s why they often rely on Selaluz’s promo codes. These codes, which work on a one-time basis, must be entered exactly as they are written. In addition, they may have a limited duration and expire after a specified period. Then, there are flaws to the website.

Melting the candle wax is tricky. There are several ways to melt the wax. One method is to boil water in a stainless steel bowl. Another option is to use a microwave. When melting the wax, be sure to wear gloves or heat pads. Always avoid using plastic when melting wax. Be careful not to burn your hands! Another flaw is that the candles come with plastic wicks. Therefore, it is essential to purchase a stainless steel holder for a Selaluz candle.

Mala the Brand’s Cereal Candle

This is the perfect blend of coconut soy wax and cinnamon. The fragrance is made with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance. The candle burns for 40-45 hours. Made in Vancouver, BC, the Mala the Brand’s Cereal Candle is also environmentally friendly. With every purchase, you’re helping to plant a tree. You can even order more than one.

Keap candles

Keap Candles is a Brooklyn based small business. Named after Keap Street, it only makes candles. The company uses new ethical technology to produce their candles. Christophe Laudamiel is the man behind the formulation of the candle fragrances. You will find scents to fit your personality and your style. Unlike many candle companies, Keap’s regular line contains a wide range of scents and colors to suit most tastes.

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