LUGAW IN ENGLISH|Lugaw in English and Filipino


Lugaw in English means porridge. It is a soft breakfast food made from oats. While its use in Filipino is fairly simple, the proper use of the word in English depends on the context. Here are some examples. To start, lugaw in English means “oat porridge.”


In the Philippines, rice porridge dishes are known by the term lugaw. The term congee is an English term that originates from the Tamil word kanji. Both Filipino and Chinese people eat congee, although lugaw is more common and has different ingredients. In the Philippines, lugaw is made with rice and coconut milk, and is usually thicker than congee. Other ingredients in lugaw include ginger and garlic.

Arroz caldo

Arroz caldo in Filipino is also known as Lugaw. It is a simple rice porridge, made with chicken stock, malagkit rice, and salt. It is a popular comfort food in the Philippines, where it is often eaten as a breakfast meal or as a side dish. The main ingredients of lugaw are rice and chicken stock, which can be seasoned with patis or fish sauce. Aside from the rice, other toppings are commonly served.


Champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge) is one of the most popular breakfast foods in the Philippines. Originally from Mexico, this pudding is made with glutinous rice and cocoa powder. Nowadays, the dish uses sugar and condensed milk. It is best served warm or cold. It can be eaten alone or served with Tuyo (salted dried fish).


Lugaw is the Filipino word for rice porridge and is influenced by Chinese congee. Often times, it is topped with meat and green onions, such as chicken or beef. Traditionally, the rice porridge is served without meat and is simply used as a base for sweet or savory variations. Arroz caldo is a version of lugaw with chicken meat and ginger infused broth. Lugaw is often served at a buffet in the Philippines or as a comfort food for an ailing person.


The word LUGAW translates to “rice porridge.” This Filipino dish originated in the Philippines and is influenced by Chinese-style congee. Traditionally, lugaw does not have any meat. Today, it is used as the basis for sweet and savory variations. One such variation is arroz caldo, which is a version with chicken meat cooked in a ginger-infused broth. Here are some other examples of words that mean “lugaw” in English:


If you’re a Filipino, you’ve probably heard of lugaw – a rice porridge that is commonly served during the Christmas season. Unlike its Chinese counterpart, lugaw is actually a simple rice dish. It’s made with rice, broth, and shredded chicken. This simple, hearty dish can be made by even the most inexperienced cook. Lugaw is best served plain, but you can add shredded chicken, fried tofu, and seasonings to it.

Health benefits

If you want to know what lugaw is, you can try to look it up in English. It’s a staple of Filipino cuisine. It’s an easy-to-digest food high in carbohydrates and water. Additionally, it’s an excellent source of fluids, and it can help prevent dehydration. Despite its unappealing appearance, lugaw is a great way to get the nutrients you need

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