What should you need to know about – Is Ownboss Supply Scam

Is Ownboss Supply Scam

Is Ownboss Supply Scam : There are numerous online reviews about Ownboss Supply, which raises the question: Is Ownboss a scam? We will also discuss its working customer service and active social media handles. Its reputation is also mixed. Some users report that the company offers good benefits, while others complain that the company is not trustworthy. To determine whether Ownboss Supply is a scam, it’s best to conduct your research.

Ownboss Supply has active social media handles

Ownboss Supply is an online clothing store that sells multiple products. It is particularly popular in the United States for its giveaways. To enter the giveaway, you must buy any product on the website and have your name registered in the corresponding giveaway drawing. In the meantime, you can read our Is Ownboss Supply Scam post for more information on this online store. If you haven’t checked the company’s social media handles yet, then you can do so at Ownboss Supply.

There are various customer reviews on Ownboss Supply’s website. Although the company doesn’t provide the contact information of the owner, the company has a valid address, a six-digit Alexa rank, and social networking icons. Despite its poor user reviews, the company has active social media handles. The website has good content and an average rating on Google and Yahoo. However, there are some disadvantages to Ownboss Supply. The company doesn’t offer a return or refund policy, and it claims that all sales are final.

It has a working customer service

One of the biggest questions that you may have is whether Ownboss Supply has a good customer support system. The answer is, yes. The company is active in social networks and participates in contests. It also has a large collection of clothing and accessories. Although they do not have a physical storefront, you can find a huge selection of items online. You can also participate in a contest if you make a purchase from their website.

While there are many positive reviews of Ownboss Supply on the web, the company’s customer support is lacking. The website does not have the information of the owner or his or her address. But it has an active social media presence and a working customer service support. Although the company is limited to US residents, they do have an active Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn account. The company also does not offer refunds or exchanges and only accepts US customers.

Ownboss Supply does not offer refunds for orders. Although the website is trending these days thanks to their giveaway, the site has received mixed customer feedback. While some customers claim they received their sweat pants in a month or more, others say they’ve never received their order. Still, many customers have praised the brand’s sweat pants and other items. But the company’s customer service team isn’t happy with these mixed responses.

It has a mixed reputation

Although Ownboss Supply has a somewhat mixed reputation, it does sell a large variety of clothing, accessories, and headwear. Customers who have bought clothing from this company have reported mostly positive experiences. While it’s impossible to read all the reviews, the website does have a good amount of content. If you’re looking to buy clothing from Ownboss Supply, make sure to read the terms and conditions before buying.

As with any other online store, there are varying reviews of Ownboss Supply. Many customers claim they haven’t received their purchases for more than a month, while others say the blackout hoodie is a comfortable and cozy choice. Some of the negative comments on the website have to do with payment delays. You can recover your money from PayPal or other methods if you’re a victim of fraud.

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