The Brothers Conflict – A Look at Tsubaki and Setsubou

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The brothers’ conflict in the anime series is a classic example of male-female rivalry. The brothers are brothers by birth, but their relationship is strained because of their rivalry. In this article, we will look at the brother-sister relationship between Tsubaki and Masaomi, as well as Hikaru’s resentment of his sister’s decision to give up her beloved sport.


The two brother characters in the anime, Tsubaki and Setsubou, have many similarities and are often in conflict. In this episode, Tsubaki is a more direct brother than Setsubou, and his feelings towards his younger brother are also obvious. Although Tsubaki may be jealous of his sister, he is proud of her, and believes she is better at acting than he is. However, when it comes to acting, Tsubaki is less than pleased with his own. The character’s directness is appealing to Ema, and she wants him to stick with his own style.


Wataru is the youngest son of the Asahina family and is ten years old. He is sweet and innocent, although overprotected by his brothers. Wataru loves sweets and bunnies, and Masaomi makes him a blue rabbit toy called Usa-tan #0. Wataru often goes to his mother’s house to help him with his homework, and they become inseparable.

Masaomi’s father

In the manga series, Masaomi’s father is a renowned surgeon who is also a devoted friend of the twins. During the conflict, Masaomi’s father has a vision of the future and wishes to become a surgeon himself. However, the twins’ conflict starts when Tsubaki refuses to kiss Ema, who is now his lover. When he is asked why he refuses, he claims that it was because he saw his own bite mark and was upset. However, the ensuing kiss makes Azusa upset and she tells Masaomi to go to the hospital.


Hikaru is a novelist, who visits Italy to gather materials for his next novel. In a flashback in Ch. 27, Hikaru tries to force Ema to choose him in a “round” of a game, but the latter refuses. Hikaru then shows his perverted side in a bath, but his fellow brothers consider it a sinful move. While Hikaru cares deeply for Ema, he still has his perverted side, and he tries to control her behavior with blackmail.

Masaomi’s twin brother

Tsubaki is Masaomi’s younger twin brother and the seventh son of the Asahina family. He works at a video game company and lives in his own apartment. He was once very athletic, but chose a more stable career in the end. Despite this, he has feelings for Ema and has two cats named after him: Tsubaki and Azusa.


Louis Setsubou and Brothers Conflict are light novel series by Takeshi Mizun. The original light novel was published in 2010 in the Sylph magazine, but has since been adapted into several other forms, including a video game and manga yonkoma. The anime adaptation of the series, Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue, will be published by Funimation sometime in the fall of 2015.


Yusuke is the eighth son of the Asahina family.  A pious demeanor, dislikes mathematics and has a sweet tooth for children. He constantly gets into fights with Fuuto. He has feelings for Ema, who he considers to be his sister, but refuses to accept it. In this way, he is stuck in the middle between two sisters.

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