Blaze Mastercard Review – Should You Apply For This Unsecured Credit Card?

Blazecc Review

This Blaze Mastercard review will show you how you can improve your credit score by using this card responsibly. This unsecured card charges a fixed APR of 29.9% with an annual fee of $75. It also doesn’t offer any rewards or other incentives for good use of the card. So, should you apply for this card? Read on to find out. Despite the low interest rate, this card doesn’t come with many features you’ll actually appreciate.

Blaze Mastercard is an unsecured credit card

The Blaze Mastercard is an unsecured credit-card that is issued to individuals. You are required to pay all payments on time and maintain good standing in order to maintain the account. This card does not require a security deposit, so it’s a great choice for those with a low credit score or no credit history. Blaze has a United States-based customer service team. This card can also be managed through a mobile application. You’ll receive text messages to remind you of your payment due date or spending limit.

The Blaze Mastercard is a credit card issued by First Savings Bank. The card has a fixed annual percentage rate of 29.9%, with no minimum balance. The annual fee is $75, but after you show responsible use of the card, the fee can be waived. The card starts out with a credit limit of $350, but you can increase this limit to $1,500 if your credit score improves.

It has a fixed APR of 29.9%

The Blaze credit card comes with a fixed APR of 29.9%, which is fairly high for a credit card. However, it is worth considering if you’re looking to build up a credit history. The high APR makes repayments expensive. A better choice for people with good credit is a credit card with rewards or cashback options. Some cards don’t charge an annual fee either.

While the Blaze Mastercard is available in credit lines of up to $1,500, most people start out with just $350. It is advised that you start with a low credit limit and spend less than $105 per month. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself paying interest on the balance month after month. However, if your credit score is high enough, you can apply for a higher credit limit, up to $1,500.

It has a $75 annual fee

Blaze Mastercard is an unsecured credit card issued by First Savings Bank with a fixed APR of 29.9%. The Blazecc charges a $75 annual fee, but this can be waived if you maintain a good payment history. The credit limit starts at $350 and increases to $1,500 after you have maintained good account standing. The Blazecc is an excellent choice for people who want to start building their credit history.

The Blaze Mastercard has a $350 credit limit, and it can be increased to $1,500 after six months of good use. However, the terms and conditions for raising the credit limit are unclear. Some users say that they have to wait six months before they can request an increase. Other Blazecc reviews suggest that the customer service department is helpful and easy to reach. The Blaze Mastercard does have an annual fee, but it is far lower than the annual fee on most catalog cards.

It doesn’t offer rewards

While a card with rewards may sound tempting, the reality is that the Blaze credit card is not as good as it seems. The annual fee is expensive and there are very few benefits. The annual fee can be avoided with a cashback or rewards card. The credit card also offers great security and customer service, but the rewards are minimal. Many poor credit cards are loaded with hidden fees and require a high security deposit.

If you are new to credit cards and are looking for a short-term credit card with low interest, the Blaze MasterCard is not for you. The card has a high APR and you must accept an offer in the mail to get it. You won’t receive any rewards if you aren’t responsible with payments. However, if you can make all your payments on time, the Blaze credit card may be the best choice.

It’s easier to get approved for

One of the benefits of using the Blaze credit card is that it offers easy online account management, transaction alerts, and automatic payments. Applicants can also apply online, submit the application, and wait for approval. You can even receive an invitation to apply via email. You can complete the application online, but you must remember to complete the information as soon as possible. The link to apply is available when you receive a prequalify invitation.

A good Blazecc review will help you learn whether or not you’ll be approved for the card. The Blaze MasterCard is one of the easiest credit card offers to be approved for. Although the approval process for this card is easier than many others, it’s still important to note that it doesn’t guarantee approval. Applicants with no credit should read up on the top three secured cards, as they have low fees and require only a small security deposit, ranging from $25 to $200.

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