ASIKASO IN ENGLISH-what should you need


Are you looking for the word asikaso in English? If you want to learn more about this Tagalog verb, read this article. You will learn the definition of asikaso, and how to translate it to English. You can also learn about the Tagalog and Filipino versions of this word. Asikaso in English is a Filipino verb that means “sugar.”

Tagalog verb asikasuhin

If you’d like to know the translation of Tagalog’s verb asikasuhin, you can find it on a number of online dictionaries. For example, you can use the translation of the English word “shikashi” to translate asikaso. The English word for “attention” is asikaso, and it comes from the Spanish verb hacer caso.

Meaning of asikaso

If you want to learn the meaning of asikaso in English, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll go over the Filipino word’s meaning in English. Asikaso literally means “taking care of” or “paying attention.” The Filipino word can mean to provide for someone, to listen carefully, or to pay attention to someone. Whatever your intention is, we hope you’ll find this definition helpful.

Asikaso is also a verb. It means to follow up on something that you’ve already done or started. So, if you want to ask someone a question, you’d say that they answered it. This way, you’ll be sure that they actually understood what you asked them. After all, the question you asked them was conditional on their answer to the first one. If you’re looking for a Filipino word for “follow-up,” you can try this one: pag-asikaso.

Translation to English

ASIKASO is a Filipino word that means to take care of or pay attention to someone. It can be used to mean a lot of things, but most commonly, it means to look after or pay attention to someone. If you want to know how to translate ASIKASO into English, you can read on to learn more about this word. Here are some examples of words that you might see in the phrase.

What is ASIKASO? This Filipino word is derived from Spanish and Tagalog and means “to cultivate”. The term is usually used to refer to a person who removes most of the growth of the previous year. The word can be confusing, so a simple way to learn the correct pronunciation is to learn ASIKASO from a native speaker. In addition to reading the correct definition, you can also learn the correct usage of the word.

Asikaso in Tagalog

You may be wondering what Asikaso means in Tagalog. Asikaso is a word that means ‘to pay attention or care’. It is used as a verb, meaning ‘to pay attention’ or ‘to take care’ of a person. In English, the word asikaso means ‘to take care of someone’, but in Tagalog, the word means ‘to pay attention’ to someone.

Some Spanish-Tagalog compound terms are unstandardized. In some cases, Spanish-based literature does not use hyphens, such as sirang-plaka, sirang-sibuyas, and takdang-oras. But these are the exceptions. For example, the Spanish term for’sod’ is’sirang-plaka,’ and the Tagalog word for “cebolla” is ‘koko’.

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