Metamorphosis in 177013


If you’re a fan of manga, you should try reading Metamorphosis, also known as 177013 or Henshin. This manga has a total of 225 pages and was published in 2013 by Shindo L., and is definitely a must-read for manga fans. Here are some of its best parts:


Originally published under the name Henshin, Metamorphosis in 177013 is a manga series written and illustrated by American-Japanese author Shindo L. It was released between 2013 and 2016, and gained popularity on the internet because of its unique storyline. Originally known as Henshin, the manga is now officially referred to as 177013. The manga’s premise is simple: a young girl is transformed into an adult and has to make decisions that will impact her life.

Yussuke Tozawa

Yussuke Tozawa, a genius ninja from the fictional world of Murasukami, is a prodigy at magic and a gifted student. Although his abilities are rare, he still has the ability to turn himself into any animal. In this manga, he finds himself torn between his friends and staying true to his destiny as a magic being.

Kafka’s work

Franz Kafka’s novella, “Samsa,” is a modern masterpiece. Although the story’s title suggests repulsiveness, the family still cares for Samsa despite their disgust at him. In the novel, Kafka explores themes of human decency, familial obligation, compassion, and shame. Interestingly, these themes also overlap with those of political and social issues.

nHentai doujin

The manga, comics, and anime of Hentai series are all available online for free at Despite their popularity, most people do not know how to pronounce the word “hentai”. However, with 177013 manga, fans can download the full series for free, and enjoy it for years to come. Here are some things to know about the Hentai genre.

Smell after reading a hentai doujin

Have you ever wondered how you smell after reading a hentai manga? Have you ever wondered whether a certain smell makes you more attractive or less so? Perhaps you’ve wondered whether a particular odor makes you nervous or dishonest. This shoujo manga is all about how we perceive scents. Scents play an important role in many aspects of our lives, including our physical attraction to others and our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Legality of a hentai doujin

Doujinshi is the creation of fan-created manga, anime, games, and other media. Over 600,000 fans attend Comiket, a convention where doujinshi are sold throughout the year. Many publishers also hire doujin artists from the Comiket convention to make doujinshi based on their original manga. Although the question of legality is debatable, it does not prevent doujins from being created.

Review of a hentai doujin

Despite the gloomy tone of the story, the hentai genre has plenty of fans. Despite its popular reputation, the 177013 doujin falls short of the mark. While the story itself is not particularly gruesome, the ending is so depressing, readers will leave feeling as if they were ripped out of their hearts. This manga follows the tragic transformation of a promiscuous and nerdy girl, Saki. As a teenager, she had a happy life, but now she’s a nobody. When her sheltered lifestyle crumbles, she decides to make a drastic change. However, the consequences are far from happy and she ends up dead.

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